02 Set Priorities

What are our goals?

The second step is dedicated to setting priorities based on results of the Wi-EMT. The Evaluation Report sent by Smart Altitude analyzes the data sent by users through the Wi- EMT tool and provides customized guidelines to each user on the key actions and measures for developing low-carbon strategies.

Tools 2: WebGIS

In this step, the Smart Altitude WebGIS Tool offers the ability to visualize ski resort performance and potential of renewable sources through a web visualisation of Alpine Space ski areas with different layers populated through a database.

It is important to stress that the WebGIS can give an idea about the renewable energy potential in a certain area, but it does not give any indication about how realistic it is for a ski area to tap into this potential.

During this step, Smart Altitude suggests the adoption of a participatory approach for involving local, regional and national stakeholders. This will to allow ski resort operators to receive opinions and identify linkable policies and R&I measures.

By comparing status quo from Step 1 and potential from Step 2, decision makers can assess the gap and decide what to prioritize and where to invest effectively.

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This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg Alpine Space Programe