Mitigation Strategies

Mitigation strategies reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere and increase resilience of the ski resort in managing energy.

Energy demand in ski resorts is rapidly increasing due to consumption by ski lifts, snow groomers and by artificial snow making systems. The increase in energy demand is reflected in an increase in the energy and environmental costs.

What are mitigation measures?

Sky resort-operators can adopt different mitigations measures at different levels

Overall ski resort

Monitoring and Integrated Energy Management System (IEMS)

Ski Lifting

Monitor and implement an EMS

Assess ski lifts energy efficiency

Implement renewable energy sources (e.g. PV)

Implement speed control measures (e.g. based on the number of entrances)

Replace old ski lift systems with modern technology

Snow Making

Optimal water management (flow rates, height differences, main and secondary reservoirs, water concessions)

Through the analysis of the pumps for the distribution of water and their working points, interesting ideas can be found for the reduction of unnecessary oversize, operation outside the optimum range, replacement of inefficient pumps

Replace old snow-making systems with modern technology

Implement an automated snow making system

Plan which kind of snow making system is the most effective for the ski resort (Fan gun, Hybrid/tower, Hybrid/high-pressure)

Implement renewable energy sources

Snow Grooming

 Verification of the systems available for the management of the snow groomers’ park and for the management of the snow groomers’ routes. The advantages are several:

• reduction of maintenance costs;

• reduction of fuel consumption through the optimization of routes;

• control of the work on the slopes (thickness of the snow);

• online monitoring of the machines (e.g. position, speed, with advantages for safety and consumption)

Replace old grooming machines with newer ones

Implement hybrid/electric snow groomers


Assess the energy consumption of the ski resorts building and improve the heating system and ventilation

Replace indoor and outdoor lighting with energy-efficient lightbulbs and an automated lighting control

Improve the energy efficiency of building envelopes

Implement heat recovery

Implement renewable energy sources for heating and electricity

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